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Our Services

We offer a full range of cyber security services, all designed to help your organization secure its operations and future. Whether you're looking for an assessment or a complex overhaul, we have you covered.

"Thank you and the Cyber team for the wonderful support you provide to the Army, Corp of Engineers, and our great nation.  You are on the front lines in our efforts here in Iraq, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate you here."

Thomas D. Yant ,USACE-GRD

We Are military grade

Our approach puts highly trained cyber defenders between you and the enemy.  One-size-fits-all approaches cannot sufficiently secure your organization from today's cyber threats.  

information Security

Founded in 2001 by a team of cyber security military veterans, CyberDefenses began by providing information security services to the defense industry. 

Today, we provide services to the US military, as well as, government entities, schools, and businesses.  We have a team of dedicated security consultants who hail from large consulting firms, as well as top Fortune 500 companies and the US Military. They hold top secret clearances as well as credentials from NSA, Endeca, Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, and many others.

We offer subject-matter expertise in all areas of information security and information assurance/operations.

Cyberspace is our battlefield,  we are dedicated to defending your freedom

Online threat levels race higher each day. Around the globe, information and networks are under constant attack from forces that are more sophisticated, more organized, more dangerous, more determined, and better supported than ever before. While the usual hackers and cyber criminals remain persistent challenges, new threats now come from state-sponsored military intelligence organizations, terrorists groups, and international crime organizations.  CDI's military pedigree means that we take the defense of our customers' freedom and livelihood very seriously and believe that your organization deserves military grade CyberDefenses.  Call us today  to find out how.